Mikhail Kosenko

Born in 1975. Sentenced to mandatory treatment in psychiatric clinic.

Kosenko has a registered 2nd degree disability due to a psychiatric disease caused by an injury suffered in the army. He is accused of participating in the mass riots (paragraph 2, article 212 of the Russian Criminal Code) and using force, in a way that was threatening life and health, against a representative of authority (parapraph 2, article 318 of the Russian Criminal Code). He is accused of hitting a policeman at least once with his hand and with his foot. He was arrested on June 8 and is kept in the psychiatric ward of the prison hospital of the No2 pre-trial detention prison.

Mikhail Kosenko was registered as a disabled person more than ten years ago. His family and friends view him as an adequate person who does not pose any threat to the society. Previously Mikhail used to take special medication on a regular basis. However, in prison the access to the necessary medication is limited.

The psychiatric assessment conducted by the specialists with the Serbsky Institute of Psychiatry and initiated by the investigators concluded that he was of diminished responsibility. The experts with the Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia analyzed the results and deemed them to be dubious. The May 6 Committee asked the International Psychiatric Association to conduct an independent assessment of Mikhail Kosenko’s condition. People signed a petition on the Internet. On November 9, the trial of Mikhail Kosenko began. The prosecution and the court seem to be inclined to send him to a psychiatric clinic for mandatory treatment.