On This Project

This web site was created in August 2012 in order to collect and spread up-to-date and objective information on the case of “mass riots” that took place on 6 May 2012 in the Bolotnaya Square in Moscow. The information published on the website has been provided by lawyers, persons involved in the case, public sources and volunteers working on the project.

The Russian-language version of the site is the principle one. Unlike the English-language version it contains the list entitled: “The Prosecution”, which is a list of persons involved in the persecution of political activists in connection with this case, as well as the Risk Group”, i.e., the list of activists who are being investigated by have not as yet been detained. Both lists are regularly updated.

Significant part of the information has been obtained using the comments form which is available in the Russian version.

Author of the Project: Pavel Elizarov.