Georgiy Targamadze

Born in 1963. Currently lives in Georgia.

The «Anatomy of Protest-2» documentary which was on on the Russian NTV television channel in October 2012 claimed that Targamadze, referred to by the NTV presenters as «architect of the Colour revolutions» allegedly was behind the actions of Sergey Udaltsov and other Russian opposition leaders and was planning to attempt to achieve a forceful change of political regime in Russia while acting through these people. Targamadze declared while commenting on this film that he felt compassion towards the Russian opposition. However he denied that he knew Udaltsov personally.

The Investigative Committee tried on 1 March 2013 to initiate international search for Targamadze via the Interpol. The Interpol, however, refused to warrant the arrest of Targamadze as it considered his persecution by the Russian authorities as politically motivated. This is mentioned in the letter from Secretary General of International Police Ronald Noble addressed to the President of Georgia Michael Saakashvili who had enquired about the status of Targamadze after a Russian court had arrested the Georgian parliamentary in absentia.

The District Court of Vilnus ruled that the refusal of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Lithuania to extradite Targamadze to the Russian Federation was legitimate. Its verdict mentioned that the persecution of Targamadze had political basis.